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Administration / Utility Billing

City of East Helena Administration Department

City Hall
306 E. Main Street
Room 103
East Helena, MT 59635
Phone: (406) 227-5321
Fax: (406) 227-5456
Monday-Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Utility Billing

The City of East Helena bills monthly for water, wastewater (sewer) and garbage services. If you have questions regarding your utility services or billing please call City Hall at (406) 227-5321.

Pay your Utility Bill online with your debit or credit card.(Fees Apply)

Administration Department

The City’s Administration Office oversees all aspects of utility billing including monthly invoicing, receipting payments, account maintenance, and customer service. The City Clerks are responsible for the City’s financial and accounting operations, loan and grant programs, human resource management, permitting for zoning and building, business and dog licensing, and records administration. Additionally, they provide administrative support to the City Court, Mayor, City Council, City Attorney, Planning Board, Zoning Commission, Police Commission, and other City Boards and Committees. The Administration Department fulfills public information requests and manages the use and rental of public facilities.

Administrative Staff

Amy Thorngren

Julia Shannon
Deputy Clerk
Court Clerk

Bri Shipman
Utility Clerk

Utility Billing Forms

Forms for changing Utility Bill Account Information & Account Holders
Click or tap the icon to open the form in PDF format or external link.

Utility Billing
Renter Authorization Form

Form used to add or change a renter to the current account holder.

Utility Billing
Water Service On/Off Form

Form used to have water service turned on or shut off from the city water main.

Utility Billing
New Property Form

Form used to start utility billing for a new property.

Utility Billing
Change of Information Form

Form used to change information related to the current account holder.

Utility Billing
Change of Property Owner Form

Form used to change the account holder when there is a change of ownership.

Utility Bill Online Payment

Pay your Utility Bill Online
(Fees Apply)

Utility Bill ACH Direct Deposit & Email Billing

Click or tap the icon to open the form in PDF format.

Utility Billing
ACH & Email Billing Info & Form

Information on ACH direct deposit and email billing, includes form.

Utility Billing
ACH & Email Billing Form

Form for ACH direct deposit and email billing signup and changes.

Business License Application & City Code

Click or tap the icon to open the form or City Code in PDF format.

Business License

Business licenses are required for existing business, new business and contractors working in the City. Licenses must be renewed every January 1st.

Business License
City Code

License requirements, business definition, exemptions, fees, renewal, and additional information.

Public Records Requests Form & Resolution

Click or tap the icon to open the PDF.